The spearhead cluster flanders.healthTech aims to further strengthen the position of Flanders as one of the top regions in life sciences and health technology worldwide. With strong positions in the individual areas of biotech, medtech and IT technologies, this new cluster aims to increase the competitive position in the cross-over domain of these three disciplines where tremendous new opportunities are emerging.

Set-up as a unique public private partnership, the spearhead cluster will operate as a lever/flywheel in the healthtech landscape, a lean structure tapping into the on-going research of research institutes, picking up on the needs of care providers and translating these into collaborative projects with research actors in Flanders and beyond. The initiative aims to facilitate the development of a more aligned roadmap between industry and research institutes, to stimulate technology innovations by establishing new collaborations and supporting and funding valuable project ideas and projects that are strategically important. The cluster wants to inspire and link, support and fill possible knowledge and/or technology gaps, with the central goal to increase the competitiveness of the many large and smaller innovative healthtech companies in Flanders.

flandershealt.Tech as a flywheel between academic research and healthcare
flandershealth.Tech as a flywheel between academic research and healthcare

Partnership with VLAIO: Together we go for strong growth through innovation and internationalization.

The spearhead cluster flanders.healthTech is supported by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen, VLAIO). Through this cluster operation, we want to facilitate cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions and governments.

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