Services & Membership


The services provided by flanders.healthTech are structured at four levels: informconnectcultivate and carry. With each level, the service and engagement within the cluster increases.  

Inform: this basic level delivers an information service. Flanders.healthTech forwards information on general healthtech developments and spearhead cluster events to the inform members. 

Connect: this first tier provides full access to the services offered by flanders.healthTech. Members subscribing to the connect level receive the following benefits: 

  • access to all flanders.healthTech events and networking sessions 
  • reports on innovation roadmaps and business opportunities 
  • participating in project brokering sessions for innovation funding 
  • favourable rates for training courses and seminars 
  • participating in the thematic working groups 
  • basic membership of, MedTech Flanders and DSP Valley 

Cultivate: this mid-tier provides all the benefits of the connect membership level and adds a personalised service level through a flanders.healthTech account manager. Each year, the member will receive a number of one-on-one sessions to: 

  • explore their needs and priorities with flanders.healthTech 
  • enable an active lookout within flanders.healthTech for opportunities that match the needs of the member organisation 
  • provide discrete mediation for finding project partners 
  • get tailored insights in the healthtech roadmaps and upcoming calls for projects 

Carry: the high-end tier comprises all benefits of the lower tiers and adds potential impact on the flanders.healthTech organisation through: 

  • participating in the governance of flanders.healthTech 
  • having voting rights at the general assembly of flanders.healthTech, hence have direct impact on the priorities, programmes, calls  
  • being eligible for the Board of Directors 
  • taking up the role of chairing the advisory councils/workgroups 


1. Membership fees 

In order to make all membership levels accessible for large and small organisations, each membership level fee is adopted according to the size of the company (measured according to the standard EU-rules). Additionally, a special low rate is foreseen for the first membership year of a start-up company. This results in a membership fee matrix as shown in the figure below. 

Afbeelding met tafel

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
Membership fee matrix according to service level and organisation size

2. Success-based fees 

Potential innovation partners that are relevant for an innovation project but that are not a member of flanders.healthTech can still participate in a cluster project without the immediate requirement to become a member of the spearhead cluster.  

We consider a milestone-based success fee structure. A first success is counted when the interaction through flanders.healthTech resulted in a successful project formation: the project consortium is established, partners are aligned, and the project proposal has been submitted successfully to the funding agency. This is called the “filing success fee”. 

The second success milestone is reached when the proposal is successfully evaluated, and the partners receive funding from the funding agency. This is called the “funding success fee”. 

Similar to the membership fees, the actual fee is modulated according to the size of the company. Please contact us for further info.