Digital medicine

Digital medicine encompasses digital diagnostics as well as digital therapeutics, being disease management schemes including aspects of drug management, diagnostics, structured care and patient behavioural follow-up, all in a single comprehensive disease management programme. Although sometimes difficult to discern between the two, this theme intends to focus on digital tools that are validated in clinical settings and upgrading the practice of medicine to be evidence-based and much more individualised, based on continuous objective patient monitoring instead of subjective and/or snapshot data reported by patients themselves. It encompasses the ability to digitise health endpoints/human beings using biosensors that track their complex physiologic systems, but also the means to process the vast data generated through algorithms, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.  

Digital medicine products are driven by high-quality, medically-validated hardware and software solutions that broadly support the practice of medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, recovery, disease prevention and health promotion for individuals and population groups. 

The digital medicine subthemes are:
• Intensify the development and use of better, evidence based, digital diagnostics & therapeutics + biofeedback
• Support medical decisions for physicians by smarter medical algorithms